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Jamie, Carolyn, and their children Charlotte and Jonathan

​We moved to the Western Reserve in the summer of 2012. We have loved being able to be here and serve students and leaders here in the area through the mission of Young Life. Both of us are Young Life kids from high school and thankful to this mission through which Christ introduced himself to us. As we enter into our 30's, we have two really fun children we've welcomed into this with us. We genuiunely believe that the mission of Young Life is a huge gift to us and our family - we love opening up our home to leaders and kids every week. We could not be more thankful to be here in the role God has called us.

We are passionate about faithfully serving where God has called us and love this area (it has been 'home' to Carolyn for some time and has quickly become 'home' for me as well). Our heart is for deepening Young Life here while prayerfully working to reach the kids in new communitites throughout our area who do not have Young Life. One of those communities is Kent State - home to 30,000 students - where Jamie has been called to launch YL College! We are excited to pursue this together with the help of those God invites to partner with us and wish to sincerely and humbly thank those of you who already have!


The Area Director role oversees the health, development, and growth of Young Life in the communities of our area by:
  • leading the staff and volunteer teams to pursue Jesus as we seek to introduce students to Jesus and help them grow in their faith
  • recruiting, training, developing and supporting staff, volunteer leaders, and committee in the mission of Young Life in the area
  • leading the area in developing resources for the continued and sustainable reaching of students throughout the area
  • ensuring effective administration of the area including communication, strategic planning, and consistency in the quality of our mission

Our area consists of northeastern Summit and all of Portage counties here in Northeast Ohio. To the right is a map (divided by school districts) with communities where we have Young Life ministry in green. Within this footprint are 30,000 middle/high school  and then another 30,000 college students.

We currently have existing high school Young Life ministries in Hudson, Stow/Munroe Falls, Streetsboro and Twinsburg. We have WyldLife ministries (Young Life for middle school students) in Hudson and Stow/Munroe Falls, Capernaum (Young Life alongside students with special needs/disabilities) as an area-wide ministry and Young Life College as an outreach to Kent State.

As an Area Director, we oversee the health of these Young Life ministries and seek to prayerfully grow and develop Young Life into new communities in our area.

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Our Leadership Team​
Here are most of the leaders in our area (always hard to find a time when everyone is around for a picture!). It's fun to remember that only a few years ago this picture would have included us and 5 volunteer leaders! These heroes with us represent 8 ministries impacting students in the area.

Our ARea Staff

Our area staff: Jamie, Carolyn, Kaitlyn (student staff), Bridget (staff associate) and Mark (Capernaum)

Carolyn is a Young Life kid going back to her own high school days here in this area (Hudson). Over the years, she has served the mission of Young Life in a number of different capacities (volunteer leader, committee, summer camp staff, etc.) and has always jumped in wherever needed.

As we have grown our family over the past couple years, Carolyn's involvment in the mission has looked different than before but her heart to serve so that every kid has the opportunity to meet Jesus and to choose to follow him has never changed.

After four years helping with our college-leader recruitment and training, Carolyn has now been serving as an area administrator (keeping the rest of the staff in line) and serving to coordinate the discipleship of female leaders in the area. She is the one who keeps our area running and is the reason just about anything actually gets done.

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Kent Students.jpgYoung Life College at Kent State University is Jamie's direct ministry in the area (where he leads day and works with students week in and out). 

We are passionate about these students at Kent State. It is hard to imagine a more exciting place to follow Jesus into mission alongside students. Within a couple square miles is a population of students the size of a small city who are in some of the most formative years of thir lives. What a humbling and exciting place to be!

We are so privileged to be a part of this and are excited to see how God allows us to be a part of what He is doing at Kent State. Kent is the second largest school in all of Ohio and the opportunity for impact is incredible.

Please pray with us and see other ways to support and be involved below!

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